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Come take a journey to a greater understanding of your yoga practice. Study the great teachings of the yo

ga masters with the intention of sharing them with others. Some of the topics within the Yoga Tree Curriculum are; the business of yoga, anat

omy, teaching methodology, the ethics and history of Yoga, and so muc

h more. This program is designed for students from all styles and traditions.  The course prepares you to teach both the Hatha and Vinyasa styles of Yoga.   We offer a core program that will allow you to take your yoga practice and your passion to new levels.  The spring course meets 7:30 am to 5:00 pm on the following dates:

3/31/19   Module I            

Intro to Course

History of Yoga /Yoga Styles

Anatomy ~ Breath

Asana ~ Seated Postures

Pranayama ~ Introduction


4/6/19 Module II               

Anatomy ~ Intro to Exercise Physiology

Asana ~ Preventing Injury

Class Design ~ Greeting through Warm Up


4/7/19   Module III

Anatomy ~ Spine

Asana ~ Twists

Teaching Method ~ Space Management


4/20/19 Module IV

Anatomy ~ Core

Energy Anatomy ~ Bandhas

Asana ~ Stabilizing Postures

Teaching Method ~ Teaching and Learning Styles


4/21/19 Module V

Meditation and Mantra ~ Intro to Sanskrit

Pranayama ~ Heat Building

Class Design ~ Suryanamaskara A

Teaching Methodology ~ Counter Posture


5/4/19 Module VI

Anatomy ~ Hips

Pranayama ~ Releasing Breath

Asana ~ Forward Bends and Hip Openers

Philosophy ~ Intro to the Yoga Sutras

Teaching Method ~ Being a Guide/Emotional Release


5/5/19 Module VII

Asana ~ Forward Bends and Hip Openers

Philosophy ~ Intro to Yoga Literature

Philosophy ~ Yoga Sutras


5/25/19 Module VIII         

Anatomy ~ Knees and Legs

Asana ~ Standing Postures

Class Design ~ Suryanamaskara B

Philosophy ~ Yoga Sutra Presentations


5/26/19 Module IX

Anatomy ~ Shoulders and Chest

Asana ~ Backbends and Shoulder Opening

Pranayama ~ Complete Breath

Ethics ~ Non-Ordinary States




6/8/19 Module X

Anatomy ~ Balance, Leg, and Foot

Asana ~ Balance

Class Design ~ Balance

Ethics ~ Ethics of Caring Reports


6/9/19 Module XI

Anatomy ~ Elbow, Wrist and Hand

Energy Anatomy ~ Bhandas

Asana ~ Arm Balance

Class Design ~ Arm Balance

Ethics ~ Intro to Ethics Statements


6/29/19 Module XII

Anatomy ~ Inversion

Asana ~ Inversion

Class Design ~ Deep Stretching and Inversion

Ethics ~ Personal Ethics Statement Presentation


6/30/19 Module XIII         

Anatomy ~ Autonomic Nervous System

Asana ~ Savasana

Class Design ~ Finishing, Savasana, and Closing Class

Pranayama ~ Brahmari Breath

Meditation and Mantra ~ Sanskrit Review


7/14/19 Module XIV

Anatomy ~ Special Populations

Asana ~ Modified Practice

Teaching Method ~ Sequencing to Build Success

Philosophy ~ Bhagavad Gita


7/20/19 Module XV

Energy and Touch Workshop

Energy Anatomy ~ Intro to Energy Body

Teaching Method ~ Intro to Assisting


7/21/19 Module XVI


Meditation and Mantra ~ Introduction and Application

Philosophy ~ Autobiography of a Yogi Presentations




8/4/19 Test Out

Business ~ First Teaching Job